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Building Smart Cities From The Ground Up

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IntechnologyWiFi delivers the only integrated connectivity, data, communications and engagement platform for towns and cities, cutting through the hype to bring the ‘Connected City’ concept to life.

The Connected City Platform allows local authorities, partners and brands to harness and deploy fast growing innovation in the Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and other future technology markets, to help create towns and cities that are more efficient, prosperous and enjoyable for residents, visitors, local businesses and other associated stakeholders.

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A complete solution

Underpinned by the deployment of ‘blanket’ public WiFi and IoT connectivity covering an entire town or city centre; an innovative lifestyle and services mobile application; a robust information analytics engine, and the facilitation of strategic digital partnerships, the Connected City Platform is the only complete solution for building a true smart town or city.

Existing deployments

Our Connected City Platform is currently live in four major UK towns and cities, with 10 more locations already signed up to adopt InTechnologyWiFi’s Connected City infrastructure.

If you are a local authority looking to provide public WiFi or seeking a connectivity solution for Smart Cities, the IoT or 5G / Small Cells in your town or city, or if you are interested in partnering with us around the Connected City Platform in any of our forthcoming town and city roll-outs, we'd love to explain more about who we are and what we do.

Peter Wilkinson - The Connected City

Enviable heritage, capabilities and expertise

IntechnologyWiFi is owned by Peter Wilkinson, one of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, with previous ventures including the first free UK consumer internet service provider, Freeserve, and Sports Internet Group, which was then acquired by Sky to become Sky Bet.

Many of our team have worked alongside Peter since his first foray into technology in the 1980s. That means we can offer an unrivalled bill of experience and one of the broadest sets of in-house capabilities in our industry.
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