About IntechnologyWiFi

IntechnologyWiFi was founded to bring about a revolution to the public WiFi space, to break down the common negativity and poor user experience of access to wireless connectivity in towns and cities of the UK.

Founder and owner Peter Wilkinson realised there was a distinct alternative to the disparate patchwork of WiFi hotspots that have entered the popular UK consciousness as what ‘public WiFi’ represents – unreliable, restricted and, more often than not, prohibitively expensive.

Added to this was Peter’s vision of further leveraging this innovation to wireless connectivity with a series of market-defining service enhancements to form the Connected City Platform – meeting the demands of an ever-evolving digitally connected world and bringing the ‘Smart City concept to life.

Unrivalled in-house expertise and capabilities


IntechnologyWiFi calls upon an enviable set of in-house resources and expertise to deliver its market-defining Connected City Platform.

State-of-art hardware, backhaul, storage and data centres

State-of-the-art hardware - intechnologyWiFi

Software and app development

Software and app development - intechnologyWiFi

Content and marketing

Content and marketing - intechnologyWiFi

Data analytics and monetisation

Data analytics and monetisation - intechnologyWiFi

Existing Deployments

Our Connected City Platform is currently live in four major UK towns and cities, with numerous more locations already signed up and in the pipeline.

If you are a local authority looking to provide public WiFi or seeking a connectivity solution for Smart Cities, the IoT or 5G / Small Cells in your town or city, or if you are interested in partnering with us around the Connected City Platform in any of our forthcoming town and city roll-outs, get in touch.

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