Growth of the global music festival industry has exploded over the last decade. In the UK, the number of events classed as music festivals has grown exponentially and in 2016, independent events contributed an estimated £1bn of spend to the UK economy. With such a buoyant and crowded market, competition between different music festivals has intensified, and organisers are constantly seeking to differentiate.

With over 90% of festival goers owning a smartphone, fast efficient and – crucially – free WiFi is increasingly becoming one such key differentiator between events. With modern fans seeking to connect immediately, in real-time, with the wider world by posting updates, photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter and the like from an event, it is critical that seamless WiFi infrastructure is in place to allow them to do so.

Music festivals and other large-scale open events represent a significant connectivity challenge, however, with the high volume of people in a concentrated area often meaning traditional forms of connectivity (i.e. mobile/cellular via 3G or 4G), and even an open WiFi network, insufficiently installed and managed, can render coverage insufficient, or even unavailable completely.

Free Festival WiFi

Festival WiFi: The answer?

intechnologyWiFi offers a proven, high-density WiFi solution that addresses the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges faced by festival organisers in providing free, high-speed wireless internet to fans at their events.

We are the only provider out there with the in-house assets and resources to deliver a complete festival WiFi solution, end-to-end, independent of outside support, which comes at no cost to fans and without time or bandwidth restrictions.

The IntechnologyWiFi solution for festivals

intechnologyWiFi being able to provide a stable, reliable form of connectivity at festivals (even in the absence of traditional cellular connectivity) can provide a lifeline for festival goers, particularly in facilitating access to social media networks to stay in touch with their friends and keep ‘in the know’ on the best the event has to offer.

Festival WiFi - Installation

Installation of a bespoke public WiFi network, from conception to completion, tailored to the specific requirements of the individual site or location

Festival WiFi - Management

On-site management of the network throughout the duration of the event, with 24/7 support from a dedicated technical team

Festival WiFi - Disassembly

Fast and efficient disassembly and removal of all WiFi network infrastructure

With increasing numbers of festival goers seeking ‘always on’ connectivity to share their experiences in real-time, the unique intechnologyWiFi festival WiFi solution equips them with access to high-quality, seamless internet coverage – connecting them to the social world, both inside and outside the event.

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Benefits of a connected festival

As well as delivering fast, seamless connectivity to high numbers of users in a logistically challenging environment, a robust, efficient WiFi network at a festival or large open-air event provides a wide range of associated benefits – both for the fans attending and organisers.

Festival WiFi - Performance Schedules


Festival WiFi - Social Media


Festival WiFi - Real-time Promotions


Festival WiFi - Existing App Connectivity


A robust festival WiFi solution at no cost to users, with an end-to-end managed delivery. What’s not to like?

If you would like to discuss your options for developing a high-density WiFi solution for your festival or open-air event, please get in touch. The team would love to speak to you.

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