Stadiums and other large sporting venues are notorious for their poor connectivity. Existing cellular networks (e.g. 3G or 4G) often have insufficient mast capacity to handle the large, concentrated volume of users in a stadium environment, with the resulting coverage quality often woefully inadequate. These networks also charge expensive data rates for accessing content.

Even clubs seeking to implement WiFi in their stadiums face significant challenges to deliver a service that not only works, but is also fit for purpose. Overcoming the numerous technical and logistical hurdles required to install and manage a network is a step too far for most. It’s time for a rethink.

Free Stadium WiFi

Stadium WiFi: The answer?

intechnologyWiFi offers a proven, high-density WiFi solution that addresses the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges faced by club management and stadium owners in providing high-speed wireless coverage to fans in their venues.

intechnologyWiFi is the only provider out there with the in-house assets and resources to deliver a complete stadium WiFi solution, end-to-end, independent of outside support.

The IntechnologyWiFi solution for stadiums

Whether inside or outside the stadium, our WiFi is all that’s needed for club management and venue owners to stay ahead of the curve and deliver a game-changing digital experience for their fans.

Stadium WiFi - Installation

Installation and management of a stadium WiFi network, from conception to completion

Stadium WiFi - App Development

Development and delivery of a branded Captive Portal – the log-on process for the WiFi

Stadium WiFi - Partnership

Partnership to drive sponsorship and real-time promotional opportunities

Those who own a smartphone are believed to look at it more than 150 times a day during their waking hours. This is not a compulsion that stops during attendance of a sporting fixture in your stadium.

Our customers

Benefits of a connected stadium

Connecting a stadium with a free WiFi network for fans ensures a more enjoyable and interactive experience and a profitable and sustainable digital future for clubs.

Stadium WiFi - Real-time promotions


Stadium WiFi - Streamed Instant Replays


Stadium WiFi - Customer Acquisition


Stadium WiFi - Social Media


Stadium WiFi - Live Travel and Parking Data


Stadium WiFi - Revenue Generation


A stadium WiFi solution with no cost to users and providing potential future revenues. What’s not to like?

If you would like to discuss your options for developing a high-density WiFi solution for your stadium, please get in touch. The team would love to speak to you.

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