City Insights

The Data Analytics Platform for Connected Cities

City Insights

The Data Analytics Platform for Connected Cities

City Insights

City Insights is a powerful, GDPR compliant data and analytics platform which forms part of the Connected City platform solution from IntechnologyWiFi.

City Insights offers a complete suite of location-based data analytics tools which provide a greater understanding of the users occupying your public spaces. By analysing and reporting on collated data, City Insights provides valuable insights into people’s movements, trends and habits allowing you to make predictive and informed decisions with real-time data.

In a time where people are ‘permanently connected’, an ongoing challenge for organisations, whether they be landlords, local authorities or retailers, is to find a solution not only helps collate the massive amount of data generated from their public spaces but also helps make sense of that data. IntechnologyWiFi’s City Insights platform provides a simple intuitive user interface to achieve just that.

By further integrating existing data sets and open data sources, City Insights provides the building blocks to deliver a previously unavailable digital understanding of your space. Access to IntechnologyWiFi’s City Insights platform is via a dedicated secure web portal. Different levels of access are provided to meet the needs of your organisation. A dedicated mobile version of the portal also gives you access and complete control of your information on the move.

City Insights provides an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting suite.

Access City Insights securely from any device, even on the move.

Powerful analytics engine providing footfall heatmaps, defined time clusters, street movements and customer journeys.

City Insights Access Levels

Three levels of access to the City Insights analytics and data platform are offered to suit the needs of your organisation.

Receive the core, key insights from the platform, including:

  • Total Registrations to date
  • New Registrations – previous week
  • Returning Users – previous week
  • User registrations – last 30 days
  • Unique users – last 30 days
  • Users over time – yesterday
  • User registrations – last 365 days
All of the functionality offered with the Basic package, plus:

  • Ability to export data to dedicated reports
  • Concurrent Users
  • Most popular registration locations
  • Total sessions
  • Network throughput
  • User demographics (including User type, age, gender, postcode)
  • Calendar heatmap of unique users
  • Most popular browsing locations
  • User devices
  • Setup, configuration and training
All of the functionality offered with the Basic and Standard packages, plus:

  • Individual user accounts based on role
  • Footfall data for all Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Footfall data by user demographic for registered devices
  • Usage heatmaps
  • Defined time clusters
  • Street movement and customer journeys
  • Dwell times
  • Integration of external data sources

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Existing deployments

Our Connected City Platform is currently live in five major UK towns and cities, with 10 more locations already signed up to adopt IntechnologyWiFi’s digital infrastructure solution.

A Smart Future... Happening Now

A recent report predicted that there will be 75 billion connected ‘things’ worldwide by 2025, while the UN predicts over two thirds of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2030.

If you’re not harnessing the data-driven insights our connected world can offer to improve urban management, there’s no better time to consider the transition. Other global cities – such as Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh – are already on their way to becoming modern, efficiently managed Smart Cities, and building an impressive reputation for effective digital city services.

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